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APM Diesel has been involved in the maintenance and repair of military equipments and vehicles since 1990. At the beginning, APM was contracting for the overhaul of diesel and gasoline engines of the Canadian Army trucks. Later in 1995, a department was opened for the repair of transmissions for heavy logistics vehicles on wheels (HLVW).

In 1999, the Ministry of National Defence asked APM to develop the technology to install retarders on the transmission of the HLVW truck. Following this, APM received a contract to install 45 retarders on 5 major army bases in Canada. Moreover, APM Diesel has trained military personnel on how to install 20 retarders in ex-Yugoslavia.

In 2001, a team of APM Diesel’s technicians was sent to Germany, to specialize on the repair and overhaul of the Leopard tank transmissions.

In 2003 a new factory was built on Miner street, in order to fulfill a contract to repair military vehicles returning from mission abroad (ex-Yugoslavia, Haiti, Afghanistan, etc).

In 2005, the factory on Miner Street was extended to double its surface for a total of 36,000 square feet, to satisfy a contract to repair armored 272 HLVW vehicles of the RELIFE project, to prolong their life expectancy for another 15 years.

The heavy vehicles division facility on Miner Street includes washroom, sandblast and paint rooms large enough for a complete vehicle, plus 16 bays used for disassembly, body work, armor, assembly and inspection of the vehicles.

These modern installations, along with our highly qualified personnel, makes APM Diesel an important resource in the repair and the maintenance of vehicles and other mechanical components for the Ministry of National Defence.


FOR SALE, spare parts inventory for the Leopard  tank transmission 4HP250. Contact us for the price list.


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